Vanguard 15 Fleet

The Vanguard 15 Fleet at CPYC is THE place to satisfy your racing fix.

Vanguard 15's are fast, they're able to plane upwind and they're easy boats to rig, ready to launch in 5 minutes. V15's are one of the most competitive one designs in the world. The fleet here at Cedar Point is loaded with top sailors and the racing is always exciting - often there are only a few boat lengths between 1st and 10th. The Vanguard fleet is a tight group, we gather off the water - always supportive of each other and of newcomers to the class.

Our fleet has 5 club boats ready to race all summer so join us for a Thursday or Sunday and we promise you'll be hooked!

Fleet questions, want to reserve a fleet boat or want to Join our e-mail list?

Shoot me an email:  Fleet Captain - Steve Girling at 


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